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Types of Clichés in books about love

In this post I am exploring the different clichés in books about love.

Quote of this post: “When the fear takes over, use the only thing more powerful, more indestructive, to fight it: your spirit. Your heart.”- A torch against the night



I hate you I love you 

This is when the main protagonist falls in love with her / his sworn enemy even though he/she vowed not to. This enemy may have killed the protagonist’s best friend or bullied the protagonist in high school. So, the main protagonist wants to get revenge but ends up falling in love with the enemy. Some examples of this are: Aelin and Rowan (Throne of glass), Warner and Juliette (Shatter me) ,Mr Darcy and Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice), Carden and Jude (The Cruel Prince) and finally Khalid and Shahrzad (the Wrath and the Dawn).


The boy next door/the childhood best friend

This is when the character falls in love with her neighbor or her best friend that she has known for most of her whole life. Some example of this are Clary and Simon (ShadowHunters), Tyler and Cat (Aurora Rising), Katniss and Gale (The Hunger Games) and finally, Blaise and Theodosia (Ash Princes).


Love at first sight

The title is pretty self-explanatory, the main protagonist falls in, love with the first boy/ girl, he/she meets after a tragic accident or something like that. Some examples are Edward and Bella (twilight) and Romeo and Juliet.


Love triangle

This is when the main character has to choose between 2 boys /girls that he/she really likes. Some examples are Tessa , Will and Jem ( The infernal devices) , Jace , Clary and Simon( ShadowHunters), Simon , Maia and Isabelle(Shadow Hunters)Edward , Jacob and Bella (Twilight) , and finally , Juliette , Warner and Adam ( Shatter Me).


Forbidden love

Basically the characters are forbidden to fall in love but they still fall in love. Some example of this is America and Aspen (The Selection), Lena and Ethan (beautiful creatures) and finally the most classic example Romeo and Juliet.



And that’s it! Have a good day stay safe and healthy ?



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