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Presented by State Library Victoria


Hi everyone ,

Here is a poem about my pair of watermelon pick headphones.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

– purplepanda


My headphones are weapons,
in a battle for happiness.
A bright shade of watermelon pink,
it is my refuge after a bad day.
The beats hold my hand,
acting as a balm for my heart.

Deep pulsing notes filter through the speakers,
allowing me to pretend I am somewhere else,
lost in the wilderness of soaring notes and riffs.

Its plush cushions allow me to block out,
the voices in my head.
Filling my ears with a harmony so raw and powerful,
making my soul sing and my heart fly.

Symphonies clash,
triumphant and joyous.
Lyrics and harmonies swirl,
ebbing and flowing like waves.
I am invincible,
untouchable in a world of music.



Ooh, great rhyming!

26th Aug, 20

Thankyou :)

26th Aug, 20
inky State Library Victoria

Love it!

26th Aug, 20


27th Aug, 20

wow so good!

8th Sep, 20